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well done

i haven't bin on for awhile and this is the first movie i ahve seen since i came back on and i am pleased this was great funny humor and great grahics plus i liked the sound it wasn't just cheap text bubbles so well done and keep at it you look like you have the pastions and tailent to make good animtion,may i suggest you make a action movie abotu either marcus or cheif liek with real serois fights if you do that would be awsome so anyways good luck and keep doing what your doing.


that was so funny keep up the good work you gto some funny ideas i dont know really what to say but complment you on the funny flash so good job and good lukc with your next flash

nieze20 responds:

lol, thats good that you liked it..but, im not sure about my next flash..ive got way to many ideas flyin around..i dunno, but thanks so mucho tho!


i thought your movie was intesting i think you sould make more it would be intersting if the charter explored deffrent programs on the pc and explored the internet as a seggustion, i think you got a really good flash smit the rest of them, good luck!

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Very helpful

This tutorial was very helpful, you toke it step by step explain every lil detail and making sure the viewer didnt do it wrong. The grahics and interface were great also. Awesome job!

TheVisibleMan responds:

Thanks! Hopefully the next part will turn out just as well :)

needs big inprovement

i really thought this game was going to be good but there was some problem well alot of problems here,the game play was bad because you couldn't move good if you ran out of ammo you automaticlly died witch was stubid as hell and when you started a mission there we guys all over the place shooting at you,well sound wise the gun shoot sounded fine,the backround music could of bin better.also there was no storyline and you could just go and play any level.your game could of bin way better so here are my seggstions one you have to make a storyline like maybe your fighting in iraq and you need to save there pows(prisoner of war) somthing like that,two you got to fix the glicths,there you got to make movement better more wepouns and no more stubid run out of ammo thing,now i know you spent alot of time on this but you really have to inprove and i want you to inprove thats why i wrote this long ass reveiw, so good luck, i hope you come out with something good!


you are awsome dude ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!( put this in the fing tut section omg!!!)

scrimpy responds:

thanks, sir

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wow very bright and vibrant amazing how you can do that on photoshop


i really like this

Wow great job!

That looks great! I saw ur refence and u copied and modified it great. What type of art is this? like the amount of detail and the way u shade like what is it called? i see it alot in grahics on flash a photoshop

ZombieBunnies responds:

i guess digital painting

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